Saturday, February 28, 2004



They have e-voting news links as well as a report
e-Voting.at conducts first online election in Austria

In a test election parallel to the Student Union election at the WU Vienna in May 2003 the possibility to cast votes electronically (e-voting) will be available for the first time in Austria. A prototype developed at the WU Vienna by Prof. Prosser and his research group e-Voting.at is used that has been funded by the Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna.

This system implements an absentee voting procedure and is based on the Austrian National ID Card ("Bürgerkarte"): Before Election Day the voter applies for the issuing of an electronic voting token, that is saved on the National ID Card. On Election Day only this electronic voting token is supplied by the voter to prove his right to cast a vote. Special cryptographic methods ensure strict voter anonymity and the non-repudiability of the results.
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