Saturday, February 14, 2004


Does Canada have national, provincial and municipal standards for electronic voting?
Can we stop this stupid thing before it makes it to a national level?
Are there any organizations working on this?

In E-democracy and E-government: how will these affect libraries? The Case of Canada, the Parliamentary Librarian reports

The new technology of electronic voting is also becoming more widespread in Canada. The automated voting system made its debut in most Ottawa region municipalities in 1997. The municipalities of Saanich and Colwood in British Columbia, and Pointe Claire in Quebec, have likewise introduced automated voting in their municipal elections. The results are very positive. The voting process is faster; results are known as soon as the polls close; voter turnout has increased, due to the new systems’ efficiency; fewer polling stations are required; and the cost of voting has diminished substantially.

Meanwhile, at the federal level, Members of Parliament have yet to decide on electronic voting.

We have to stop this thing in its tracks. Seriously.
At the very worst, if we are going to have this stupid, cr@ppy idea, we have to make sure this is done with the absolute highest possible standards.
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