Saturday, February 14, 2004

Direct cut-and-paste from a post in my other blog.

I like it when the fancy columnists agree exactly with me.

My model for smart voting is Canada. The Canadians are watching our election problems and laughing their butts off. They think we are crazy, and they are right.

Forget touch screens and electronic voting. In Canadian Federal elections, two barely-paid representatives of each party, known as "scrutineers," are present all day at the voting place. If there are more political parties, there are more scrutineers. To vote, you write an "X" with a pencil in a one centimeter circle beside the candidate's name, fold the ballot up and stuff it into a box.

Follow the Money: Why the Best Voting Technology May Be No Technology at All via Slashdot E-Voting: a Flawed Solution in Search of a Problem.

On the other hand, I am wondering: why am I not a highly-paid columnist?
(In case you're wondering, I have blogged this solution lots of times including October 13, 2001 and July 22, 2002.)
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