Saturday, February 21, 2004

Don't think e-voting will come to Canada?
Well it's come already to England.

Guardian Unlimited - Thursday April 17, 2003
E-vote early, e-vote often?

Mobile phones, digital TV, postal voting and that ubiquitous holy grail, the "worldwide interweb", will be at the disposal of a total of 6.5 million voters this year, taking Britain (or at least England) further away from what Robin Cook described as the "anachronism" of the pencil stub, and closer to the government's stated ambition of an e-enabled general election some time after 2006.

but apparently there are some second thoughts
Guardian Unlimited - Monday December 8, 2003
Electoral Commission rules out e-voting

High-tech methods of voting via email and text message should not be used in next year's elections to local councils and the European parliament, a report warned today.

but also third thoughts
Guardian Unlimited - Thursday February 12, 2004
Voting against internet elections

In Britain, enthusiasm for e-democracy (which includes e-consulting as well as e-voting) runs high in official circles. Last year's local e-voting pilot was the largest ever held, with 146,000 votes cast electronically. However, hopes for electronic voting in June's elections were complicated by the clash with European elections (apart from anything else, the need to include Gibraltar as part of south-west England).

The government is still committed to offering e-voting in a general election "some time after 2008". The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister last month began working with local authorities to set up a system of electronic electoral registers, essential if people are to vote electronically while outside their own constituency.
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