Sunday, February 29, 2004

Slashdot just had a story Evoting in India [and in] Maryland [USA]

The BBC is reporting on the use of over a million Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) in India for Parliamentary elections in April. With a billion people and an electorate of 668 million, it is by far the largest democratic election exercise in the world.

Various comments pointed out other links.

Wisconsin - March 26, 2003
Wisconsin Report on Voting Equipment (PDF)

The [Wisconsin] Elections Board staff recommends that the State Elections Board revoke the approval of any electronic voting systems, including the recently approved touch screen systems,

This appears to be the voting machine to be used.
Electronic Voting machine (EVM)
Considering that the first claim it makes is 100% tamper proof, I am not filled with confidence in the system.
Really. One Hundred Percent. Perfectly Tamperproof. That's quite the thing there.

The original BBC article cited by Slashdot has the delightful statement

When the EVMs had an experimental outing in five state elections in November, they drew a fascinated reaction from the electorate in rural areas.

"You won't believe the kind of response," said Mr Simha.

"Some of them were thrilled to punch the machines. I have seen so many happy villagers."

I posted in the slashthread myself, this link about the physical security of the machines from comp.risks
Physical security of electronic voting terminals

A cart of Diebold electronic voting machines was delivered today to the
common room of this Berkeley, CA boarding house, which will be a polling
place on Tuesday's primary election. The machines are on a cart which is
wrapped in plastic wrap (the same as the stuff we use in the kitchen). A few
cable locks (bicycle locks, it seems) provide the appearance of physical
security, but they aren't threaded through each machine.
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