Monday, March 29, 2004

Many people may say "but I bank and file my taxes online, why not vote online?"

The thing is, there is an audit and correction process available for those transactions.
The bank knows how much money you have. If their information doesn't agree with yours, you use their complaint process.

Electronic voting is dramatically different from this. There are no second chances. It has to work perfectly, the one time in each election that you use it. As well, banking and taxes must be completely personally identifiable, while voting must be utterly anonymous.

John. L. Jarvis makes a similar point

Has anyone considered the possibility that the security and privacy requirements for financial transactions may differ from those for on-line and telephone voting? Limited liability plays a big role in the security of financial transactions (in North America, anyway; I understand the U.K. is a bit different). Would it play any role in on-line voting? It isn't like a voter can point to an unbalanced cheque book at the end of the month when something goes wrong.
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