Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Telegraph Calcutta, India
No bogus votes, but next time round. Via Google Web Alerts.
I'm not sure exactly what this title means. Anyway.

Election Commission officials say this general election will be the last time that anyone will ever suffer the pangs of bogus voting. From the next round of elections — general or state — the Indian voter will gain protection from a national photo voter list. ...

To make more use of information technology to check fraudulent voting during elections, the Election Commission is exploring a proposal to use biometrics technology to identify the voter.

Biometrics uses the thumb or the pupil of the eye — both of which have unique characteristics — to identify the voter. “There can be no better method than this to identify the voter. It will need investments but will encourage more people to come to the polling stations,” said an Election Commission official.

The officials also said there would be special focus on harnessing information technology to ensure the compilation of quick and accurate results.

India will depend solely on electronic voting for the coming elections. Electronic voting machines are at present stand-alone devices and there is no plan to hook them up to a central server to speed up the process of counting.

Election Commission officials said there were problems associated with such a process but they were exploring options for future elections.
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