Sunday, September 12, 2004

Miami Herald - Sep. 12, 2004
Dave Barry cracks wise again about electronic voting

The truth is, you don't know WHAT will happen to your ballot, because you might be using one of the new electronic voting machines. ...

So this year many states are switching to electronic voting machines, which use computer technology -- the same reliable, foolproof technology we use in the newspaper industry to wwr _)(%$@!@hkjhou((*7**%$ ERROR ERROR DELETING EVERYTHING FROM DAWN OF TIME

Whoops! It turns out that things CAN go wrong with computer technology. One big concern is that electronic voting machines could be tampered with by ''hackers,'' ...

But aside from that, electronic voting machines are a great idea, according to people who make millions of dollars selling them.

Story spotted on Slashdot /.
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