Saturday, September 25, 2004


What I want to know, what is in fact absolutely fundamental to any e-voting discussion, is what standards apply. Are there any Canadian ones at all? Do municipalities and provinces just cook them up on a case-by-case basis, falling out a couple line items in a gigantic RFP that talks mostly about irrelevant performance measures?

(Side note: US standards efforts include ACM Policy Brief and IEEE P1583.)

Anyway, I'm trying to find some sites that might have starting points. There are some links suggested by the document in the previous posting.

Government of Ontario: Information and Technology Standards

Ontario Office of the Corporate Chief Information Officer

So far I have yet to see any standards that apply to e-voting.

On the CIO site I did find more vague language though, that's always good.
In Citizen Engagement

What might this mean?

Electronic citizen engagement may take many forms. ...

* online remote voting for elected officials
* digital voting

I don't even know what they mean by digital voting. Do they mean electronic voting machines?
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