Saturday, October 30, 2004

Diebold says e-voting is e-z, Bev Harris says not so fast

the U.S. is no stranger to disputes over voting. In a country, where the outcome of a Presidential election hung for weeks on the fate of a partially detached chad … here's a lot of pressure in to make voting a whole lot easier. Two years after the Florida debacle of 2000, the Bush administration passed the Help America Vote Act. It sets out new guidelines for how elections should be conducted. And it gives money to any district that wants to update things such as .. ..say, punch card machines that don't fully pop out the chad.

Many electoral officials have opted for hi-tech solutions. Electronic voting is spreading across the country. 55 thousand machines were used during the democratic primary on the so called Super-Tuesday. E-voting involves either digital card readers or touch screens that guide the voter through the process.

CBC Radio - The Current - March 11, 2004
Part 2 (RealAudio, story starts 09:58 into this audio stream)

David Bear of Diebold pushes the advantages for the disabled,
Bev Harris then speaks about her concerns.
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