Sunday, October 31, 2004

e-voting in all our homes and garages

Each voting machine must be protected, both during the election but more importantly during the long periods before and after the election.

An appropriate level of security would have a secure facility, access card control, video surveillance, etc. A secure vehicle would transport them, never letting them out of authorized control.

But instead, these things are, I am not making this up, shipped around in people's cars and stored in people's garages.

Joanne Kartchner goes out to her garage every morning to check on the electronic voting machines that were dropped off early last week.

The garage is locked and the machines are sealed in special bar-coded tamper tape, but Kartchner, a longtime election worker who volunteers her Palo Alto home as a polling place, wants to be double sure. ``I make sure they are all there,'' Kartchner said Saturday.

The registrar of voters began delivering electronic voting machines to 822 polling places in Santa Clara County last weekend, among them at least 20 community or senior centers, 50 apartment complexes or mobile home parks, and 80 private residences.

The Mercury News - Oct. 31, 2004
E-voting in homes raises concerns
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