Saturday, October 23, 2004

San Bernardino County e-vote testing

After weeks of testing, San Bernardino County's top election official declared its voting machines trustworthy after a final exam in which his office cast hundreds of test ballots.

"We nailed 100 percent, just the way we're supposed to," said Scott Konopasek, the county's Registrar of Voters.

State law requires counties to conduct a public "logic and accuracy" test of their voting systems. On Friday, before an audience of news cameras, the public and local officials, Konopasek and his team tested both the electronic touch-screen and the paper absentee-voting systems and also assessed how the two worked together.

They used a test deck of ballots with predetermined votes on them and checked that the results matched the input, he said. They also allowed observers to cast unscripted votes from unscripted precincts on unscripted machines "to verify those unscripted votes are being reported and verified correctly," Konopasek said.

Three members of the county's grand jury certified the results, he said.

The Press-Enterprise - October 17, 2004
San Bernardino County scores '100 percent' on e-vote dry run
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