Sunday, November 07, 2004

response to CNEWS about "gadgets needed"

In response to Gadgets Needed.

There doesn't seem to be any "letters to the editor" area for the CNEWS article.
If you click on "Write CNEWS" you get a trouble-report page, I selected Comment/Question.
I posted this message

The key to maximizing the benefits of technology is to use *appropriate technology*. For voting, the appropriate level of technology is a paper ballot marked by hand. Electronic voting technology introduces unreliability and removes transparency from the voting system. I have a website about this issue, Paper Vote Canada, http://blog.papervotecanada.ca/

I got back a trouble ticket

Your problem report has been submitted successfully.
Your Report ID is '2004/11/07:08:26:23'
Please allow at least 2 working days for processing.

I guess the CNEWS Forum is a more appropriate place, I have also posted there: electronic voting in Canada.
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