Wednesday, November 24, 2004

TENdotZERO Opens Up Its E-Voting Code

TENdotZERO, a pioneer in standards-based solutions, today announced that it is opening up the code base for TdZ e-Vote, its e-Voting software, to the Open Source Community on a Dual Use License basis.

Simon Bain, CTO of TENdotZERO, said: “We have decided to release the TdZ e-Vote code under the GPL license, to provide a firm foundation for other developers and users to take a proven product and adapt it for their own requirements.”

The original software was developed alongside the software which helped manage a number of the UK local government pilot elections in 2003. This new version additionally provides cross-platform compatibility, enhanced security, and easy management.

eMediaWire - November 24, 2004
TENdotZERO Opens Up Its E-Voting Code to the Open Source Community

Open code is certainly better than closed, but it doesn't address the fundamental issue that you have no way of knowing exactly what code is actually running on voting day on each and every voting machine.
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