Wednesday, December 01, 2004

review of US election day problems

More than 4,000 votes vanished without a trace into a computer's overloaded memory in one North Carolina county, and about a hundred paper ballots were thrown out by mistake in another. In Texas, a county needed help from a laboratory in Canada to unlock the memory of a touch-screen machine and unearth five dozen votes.

In other places, machine undercounting or overcounting of votes was a problem. Several thousand votes were mistakenly double-counted in North Carolina, Ohio, Nebraska, and Washington state. Some votes in other areas were at first credited to the wrong candidates, with one Indiana county, by some quirk, misallocating several hundred votes for Democrats to Libertarians. In Florida, some machines temporarily indicated votes intended for challenger John F. Kerry were for President Bush, and vice versa.

In the month since the election, serious instances of voting machine problems or human errors in ballot counts have been documented in at least a dozen states

Boston.com (Boston Globe) - December 1, 2004
Voting errors tallied [US] nationwide
includes map of areas with most incidents reported

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I have been following the US election problems and not once has anyone been able to cite an instance where a vote for Bush showed as a vote to Kerry. I believe as do many democrats that there was fraud commited in the last election. Much of it stems from voter supression but many suspect that the machines played a large part in this as well. I was not aware of this site but intend to come back here often.
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