Friday, July 23, 2004

San Mateo County Times - Sunday, July 18, 2004

California elections officials are poised Monday to approve a new Diebold electronic-voting system for Alameda, Los Angeles and Plumas counties that still leaves some published security holes unplugged and the fix for a troubling vote-counting problem unproven.

Electronic-voting critics wonder whether the state has become so eager to clear the three counties' use of the touchscreens for November that officials are overlooking potential flaws.

"These concerns are just completely glossed over," said Lowell Finley, an Oakland election lawyer handling two lawsuits that target Diebold e-voting machines. He discovered them Friday after filing public-records requests for testing reports on the new Diebold system.

"This thing is so fundamentally flawed that it can't be fixed by November," Finley charged.

State set to approve less-flawed e-voting machines
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