Saturday, August 07, 2004

Slashdot - 06 August 2004
Hackers, Public Differ Greatly On E-voting

It was the biggest split between 'experts and the public he'd ever found. For example, 83% of the experts said e-voting is less or much less secure against election tampering than paper ballots, compared with just 19% of the general public.
ABC Radio National - Australia - 24 July 2004
E-Voting and its Paper Trail

Anne Delaney: Why wasn’t the emphasis simply just put into getting the electronic system right and verifiable?

Bruce Bimber: This is a classic case in my view of enthusiasm for technology and in particular enthusiasm for the notion that whatever technology is the latest must be the best. When we went through the crisis here in the United States in 2000 that was such a traumatic jolt to the political system that people rushed for what is best and the idea they had in mind is that surely the newest technology, the latest technology, must be the greatest.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Sun-Sentinel - July 30 2004

I don't normally report on the more US political/election aspect of e-voting, but this is a weird story that has been bouncing around in the news.

GOP apologizes over voting flier; glossy mailer warns against touch-screens

An embarrassed state Republican Party apologized Thursday for a GOP campaign brochure that urged voters to use absentee ballots, undermining efforts by Gov. Jeb Bush and Secretary of State Glenda Hood to inspire confidence in new touch-screen voting machines.
Computer Weekly - 29 July 2004
Democrats whip up e-vote fury

US Democrats are piling on the pressure to make electronic voting machines accurate, secure and independently auditable.
Wired - July 30, 2004
Floridians Demand E-Vote Inquiry
Toronto Star - August 1, 2004
Is Florida facing a new polling fiasco?

On the floor of the Democratic convention, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Florida Senator Bob Graham if the state had solved the problem of hanging chads and punch-card ballots, which had caused such havoc in the last presidential election.

Graham noted that those problems had been solved, but pointed to another problem: about half of Florida voters will use electronic voting machines in November, even though "(We) do not have any verifiable backup in case one of those machines malfunctions or there's a challenge to the accuracy of the machines."
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