Wednesday, December 22, 2004

issues with e-voting machines in Russia

Pravda.ru reports

This seems to be the first time Russian electronic system for counting paper ballots has had such major glitch.


Apparently, what the electronic system for counting paper ballots had displayed had little to do with reality! Distrustful observers from the majority of candidates preferred to stand in close proximity to the electronic counting devices and counted each ballot manually. Hours later, the elections results were announced.and as it turned out, the results did not match at all! In fact, they weren't even close! Nonetheless, representatives of the elections committee refuse to conduct hand recount of the ballots. "This isn"t America!" they claim in unison.

Here is a real paradox: electronic machine manual FORBIDS hand recount of paper ballots. The situation resembles events in Abkhazia, Georgia and Ukraine.

(Sounds like they are optiscan type ballot scanners.)

Pravda.ru - December 22, 2004
Major scandal evolves around e-voting machines in Russia
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