Monday, January 05, 2009

why voting systems matter

Minnesota uses optical scan systems and a small amount of hand counting.

Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State: Voting Systems map (PDF)

When a recount is necessary:

* You can see the ballots.
* You can determine for yourself whether they are being unfairly accepted or rejected, and how they should be counted.
* You can determine, therefore, whether you think the results fairly reflect the will of the people.

This is important because the current Senator-Elect, Al Franken, is certified as having won by 225 votes. Out of over 2.8 million votes cast in the 2008 US Senate election in Minnesota.

Voting systems matter because elections can be very close,
which means they will be challenged,
which means you must have VISIBLE EVIDENCE of the votes that can be counted by anyone,
so that the public can determine if the results are fair.

CNN: Minnesota canvassing board certifies Franken win - January 5, 2008

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