Wednesday, October 26, 2016

1310 News radio - The case against Internet voting

After I tweeted a blog post response yesterday to an article about online voting and an associated radio interview, 1310 News contacted me for an interview.  I really appreciate their rapid outreach and the opportunity to speak.

I was on Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe from about 11:50 to noon (Oct 26, 2016), the track is online now, to hear me go to timecode 34:33.  The interview ends at timecode 43:34.

The one thing I wish I had mentioned is that it's not just my personal opinion that every component needed for an online voting system is not secure (from your desktop or phone, through the network, to an elections vote counting server), it's the consensus evidence from computer scientists who have been researching this issue.  It is very unfortunate that in the upcoming McGill electoral reform event and in particular the upcoming uOttawa electoral reform event that has e-voting on the agenda, there are zero computer security experts presenting.  You wouldn't have an event about designing bridges without bridge engineers, why is it ok to have a discussion about using technology for voting without software engineers present?

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