Saturday, February 14, 2004


This oakley*centre : Electronic Voting Machines leans a bit on conspiracy. I don't think you have to bother with that.

The Internet and electronic voting companies are incompetent.
There's a mix of start-ups, giant consultancies, and players in-between.
None of these people have the slightest clue about doing secure voting.
They just want you to buy their crummy machines and technology.

I must say Cringely does make a good point about Diebold.
They're all "paper receipt, how will we ever do that, that will be so complicated".
Meanwhile, practically every single electronic transaction we make generates a paper receipt.
Use your ATM? Paper receipt.
Lottery kiosk? Paper receipt.
Debit card? Paper receipt.

In fact, you would have to deliberately redesign your system specifically not to provide a paper receipt.

The oakley page says

Canadian provinces and municipalities are slowly succumbing to lobbying from Diebold and other electronic-voting players .... Melissa Leong of the Toronto Star reports

The Leong Star article is 11,708 sign up for Markham Web vote

7.5% of voters want 'e-ballot'

City clerk predicts shift to Internet

These people have absolutely no understanding of how using the Internet undermines the election process.

Here's one example: I want you to vote for that Meditation Party, the one that is always hopping around.

With a paper ballot filled in privately in a public place, you can assure me you are going to vote for me and then inside the booth, you happily fill in the Anti-Trancendentalists.

With Internet voting, I drive over to your house and point a gun at your head until I see you click on the desired party.

Big improvement, yes?

Or if I'm more into non-violence, I put a keylogger trojan on your Windows computer (assuming it can fight it's way onto your system amidst all the other spyware, adware, backdoors, open proxies and trojans you already have). When I see you go to the election site, I silently change your vote to be the one I want.

I can go through hundreds of scenarios like this.
Is there a list of these Internet / electronic voting companies somewhere?
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