Saturday, February 14, 2004

University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics Work Report on Internet Voting Technologies
prepared by Douglas A. Sibley
March 2001


Without clean-room conditions, it is impossible to know whether a computer's hardware and software are correctly transferring the intent of the voter into the correct form and registering it with the voting authority. Without a system that has been thoroughly reviewed by the cryptographic community, it is impossible to know whether the system is secure. In conclusion, since Internet voting has many theoretical flaws and the parts that are not theoretically flawed are not adequately proven, Internet voting should be abandoned and proscribed for all elections mandated by law, including, the public sector, elections mandated by corporate law, and union elections. The risks of fraud are too great.


This report recommends that the traditional paper-based system be used to ensure fairness and security. This report also recommends that Internet-based voting be outlawed for any elections held or mandated by government.
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