Saturday, February 14, 2004

We seem to be doing ok at the Federal level, but at the municipal level lots of people are very keen on the electronic voting. Plus which, CANARIE and Industry Canada appear to be helping them.

Electronic Voting - A View in to the Future (PDF)

Ooh, the Future. Will I be able to vote from my flying car?

Note: they appear to actually be talking about manually entering the results into a database, which is not a problem. The ending is a bit worrisome though.

by Michel Labelle
City of Coquitlam

The use of electronic vote tabulating machines has come a long ways in the last decade. While as little as 5 years ago, most municipalities could still be expected to hand count ballots into the early hours of the morning, the advent of these time saving devices has completely eliminated the most time consuming task allowing results to be quickly complied and submitted to the election officer for publication.
The system was designed around an IIS web server with ties to a backend
Oracle database.
The City is now actively looking at what improvements can be made for next
time. Highest on that list are electronic voter registration and the possibility of
electronic voting. While there are many legal and security hurdles to be
overcome, work with the Industry Canada's Smart Communities project leaves
with little doubt that this is little more than a matter of time.
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