Friday, September 17, 2004

join in

I just want to let people know, I am inviting collaboration both for this blog and for organizing Canadians to oppose electronic and Internet voting.

If you're interested in either or both of these possibilities, please send me an email.

For the blog, it's mainly locating and posting stories about e-voting issues, particularly any that have a Canadian element.

For organizing, it's basically getting a anti-evote group together that can present compelling arguments drawing both on common sense, technical expertise, and examples of problems encountered with systems in Canada and worldwide. We need to target all levels of Canadian government and make sure that our representatives are aware of the problems with these systems, as well as making the Canadian public aware of what is going on.

We also need to forge alliances with Canadian groups that might be concerned about this area, e.g. Electronic Frontier Canada and IEEE Canada, as well as with the current well-organized US groups that are fighting e-voting there. There is also the possibility of working with groups that have similar, although not completely aligned interests. For example, there is a thing called FairVote Canada which is about proportional representation. I presonally don't think proportional representation is a good idea, but some of their members may also be concerned about e-voting. As well, the independent or alternative media and organizations may be interested in this issue, e.g. ontario.indymedia.org

Now if someone knows of an organization in Canada that is ALREADY working on the e-vote issue, I would be more than happy to join up with them.

I am planning on publishing a story to indymedia today, unless someone else wants to do it first.

UPDATE: I posted the story electronic voting in Ontario Sept-2004 to ontario.indymedia.ca

UPDATE 2016-09-05: As of September 2016 the current most active issues related to online voting in Canada are

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