Wednesday, October 27, 2004

and now, on to the United Kingdom

A Londonderry-based company hopes plans developed at a recent seminar will help it cement its place as a leader in the UK's electronic voting arena.

Opt2vote also hopes to see successes achieved in England being repeated in Northern Ireland.


"GB led the way in terms of the pilots," said Mr Brown. "In 2003 there were 17 pilots in England and we delivered three of them."

This year, the company was involved in the largest scale postal elections ever undertaken in Britain.

"We delivered to 54 of the 127 local authorities for postal pilots in four European regions. In terms of electors we delivered to more than five and a half million electors, and that's exciting," continued Mr Brown.

A framework agreement drawn up by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister lists Opt2vote as an approved supplier of electronic voting systems across multiple channels including the internet, digital television and mobile text messaging (SMS).

Opt2vote delivered three electoral modernisation pilots in local authority elections in 2003.

Two of these elections were the first in the world to allow voters to use an interactive digital television platform (Sky) to cast their official votes.

In the same year Opt2vote also completed an electronic counting project in Scotland, where its software was used to count traditional ballot papers.

Belfast Telegraph - 25 October 2004
E-voting pioneers aim for UK market niche

UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (OPDM) E-voting suppliers invited to join the Framework Agreement
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