Saturday, October 30, 2004

faster, stronger, worser

Voters in Greater Victoria may get their election results very quickly after the polls close on Saturday night.

Most municipalities in the region are using electronic voting machines, in an effort to avoid recounts and spoiled ballots.

CBC News - Nov 16 2002
B.C. goes to the polls

Quebec City's director of elections, Pierre F. Côté, says organizers were overwhelmed by record turnouts at advance polls. He says there will be an adequate number of polling stations for voters on Sunday's election day.

Côté says delays will be avoided by having elections personnel explain the workings of the electronic voting machines to people as they wait. And emergency equipment will be available in case of technical breakdowns anywhere in the system.

CBC News - Oct 30 2001
Election officials promise better voting day

They're less reliable. They fail in many more ways, more easily.
They fail in ways like, say

Voting at the NDP leadership convention in Toronto was disrupted Saturday by what organizers called a malicious attempt to shut down the computer system.

Party members were frustrated during voting on the first ballot, as thousands across the country tried to log on and cast ballots using the Internet.

Earl Hurd of election.com said he believes someone used a "denial of service" program to disrupt the voting – paralysing the central computer by bombarding it with a stream of data.

CBC News - 25 Jan 2003
Previously reported in Paper Vote Canada 14-02-2004.
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