Thursday, October 28, 2004

verified voting

I think voting using actually counted paper makes a lot more sense than this daft idea of voting electronically and printing a paper copy, but anyway.

Verified Voting .org has just gone live with a number of tools for all you data-hungry election nerds out there. Amongst the goods: an election guide for geeks, a voter's guide to electronic voting, the Verifier database of county-by-county election information and the Election Incident Reporting System (EIRS) which will be used on E-day by attorneys and observers in the field to collect data about election incidents called into the Election Protection Coalition's hotline

Slashdot article /.

The Verified Voting site has a good page on E-Voting Misconceptions.
I particularly liked this one

Myth: It just costs too much money to print paper ballots. E-voting will save money.

Fact: The purchase price of e-voting machines is three times as much as precinct-based optical scan. It will take at least 15 years of ballot printing costs to make up the difference. Also, the operational costs of e-voting machines are often underestimated. Some jurisdictions have found that they needed more poll workers to conduct an election with e-voting machines (e.g., San Diego needed twice as many!). There are increased costs for equipment maintenance and storage. Testing is more expensive, and so on.
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