Friday, November 12, 2004

Ottawa is Diebold city

In case you're looking at the USA and are all ha ha at their crappy Diebold voting systems with Windows-based multi-hackable GEMS central vote tabulation (featuring vulnerable modem dialin), you know who else uses that same system?

The City of Ottawa.

See various Diebold memo threads e.g.

The City of Ottawa (GEMS-1-5-10) has reported that
When downloading to Memory Card the Program Memory Card screen changes the status from Modem to Accu-Vote. I have tried to duplicate this without success using GEMS 1-7-5.

They also reported when uploading in the Receive Election Results screen that the status changes to Accu-Vote from modem after the first transmission.

In fact it does and locks out any further uploads from other Accu-Votes at different locations. It appears that it retains the line and allows successive Memory Cards to uploaded without having to redial.

The port must be highlighted, then the Stop key clicked, highlighted again then Start to reactivate for the next reception.

There does not seem to be any process to terminate the mult-card upload and reset for the next Accu-Vote.

some Diebold list - 30 Mar 1999
Gems changing from modem to Accu-Vote when downloading and uploading Fw: GEMS software versions
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