Friday, February 04, 2005

Irish Commission on Electronic Voting reports

April 2004 - Interim Report
December 2004 - First Report

The risk analysis identified 5 material risks in connection with the use of the system at the June elections:

* error in the system as a whole;
* error in voting machine software affecting all machines;
* tampering with software to alter election result;
* tampering with ballot modules during transportation;
* damage to machines before elections.

Remember, e-voting proponents, risks are ACROSS THE ENTIRE LIFE OF THE SYSTEM.

That means it's got to be secure when designed, it's got to be secure running in the polling place, and it must be secure between elections. If you cost these security requirements out fully, there is no way electronic is cheaper than paper. Paper needs security at the polling place and until counted, and that's it.

Incidentally, the Irish name for the commission is
An Coimisiún um Vótáil Leictreonach
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