Friday, February 03, 2006

turnout in 39th general election in Canada

Turnout in Jan 2006 Federal election was 64.9% according to current results on http://enr.elections.ca/National_e.aspx

According to http://www.elections.ca/scripts/OVR2004/23/table4.html the turnout has been:

2006 64.9%
2004 60.9%
2000 61.2%
1997 67.0%
1993 69.6%

My idea of office voting wouldn't work due to people being from many different ridings, too complicated.

I say:
1. Make it a holiday
2. Make it mandatory to vote
hello there.

I'm doing some research for a speech I have to give at my university, and I'm trying to find out how many students voted.

Do you know where I could find this information?
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