Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Star on paper and electronic voting

I had the good fortune to be interviewed for The Toronto Star by Leslie Scrivener--which incidentally is a great name for a journalist. She quoted me quite a bit, I think the article came out well, I'm grateful to her for the opportunity.
"It's a very human system. It works," says Akerman, 40, an Ottawa technology planner and security expert. "You mark your ballot in private, but it's in a public setting. And it balances interests. You have scrutineers from different parties watching each other. It's hands on, easy to understand."

The ballot question: Paper or not? - The Toronto Star - October 11, 2008 - by Leslie Scrivener

The Star had a very good article about the electronic voting issue in 2004, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be online anymore, I wrote about it at

July 13, 2004 Is the future in line or online? - Toronto Star - published July 12, 2004

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