Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Michael Geist on Internet voting issues

The enthusiasm for Internet voting is understandable. At first blush, there is a certain allure associated with the convenience of Internet voting, given the prospect of increased turnout, reduced costs and quicker reporting of results. Moreover, since other security sensitive activities such as banking and health care have gravitated online, supporters argue that elections can't be far behind.

Yet before rushing into Internet voting trials, the dangers should not be overlooked.


Caution on Internet voting appears prudent, since experts have identified a long and costly list of necessary precautions, including random spot checks and post-vote verification programs to preserve anonymity. Given the security risks, opening the door to provincial or federal Internet voting seems premature. In the zeal to increase voter turnout, the reliance on Internet voting could inadvertently place the validity of the election process at risk.

Toronto Star - Geist: Hackers, viruses threaten online voting validity - Monday March 8, 2010


November 15, 2006 Geist on e-voting

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I saw a headline today that the BC Green Party is lobbying for "electronic voting" to "increase turnout".

Canada: B.C. Greens call for electronic voting, new referendum on electoral reform
VANCOUVER, B.C. — The B.C. Green party says the province should try electronic voting to help boost voter turnout and take another crack at proportional representation in the legislature.

By electronic voting, do they mean online or internet voting?

I am holding off from distributing the news article while I try to find out which it is. Either is bad, currently Canada has one of the best election methods, hand counted paper ballots.

And thanks so much for your articles on i-voting. Your article about Internet Voting Utopianism was very impactful.
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