Thursday, July 07, 2016

Chief Electoral Officer Mayrand's statement about online voting at #ERRE - July 7, 2016

Online Voting

It is undeniable that many Canadians would benefit from the introduction of online, or Internet voting. Internet voting could make the vote more accessible for various groups such as voters with mobility challenges, including seniors, those with visual impairments and Canadians abroad.
That being said, caution is needed in moving forward to ensure that Canadians continue to have the same high level of trust in the integrity of elections. In this regard, we are not currently planning to offer online voting in 2019.
However, Elections Canada would welcome direction from this Committee in terms of moving forward with research on Internet voting.
In examining this issue, the Committee should consider a number of aspects, including social acceptance and the challenges that online voting present for the integrity and secrecy of the vote. Finally I would ask the Committee to consider the scope of the introduction of online voting, which may include limiting its use to particular groups of electors who would benefit the most from this option, such as those with a disability or Canadians living abroad.
from Remarks of the Chief Electoral Officer before the Special Committee on Electoral Reform (ERRE) - July 7, 2016

Emphasis (bolding) in above paragraphs mine.

You can see Marc Mayrand's statements (based on the above) on ParlVu video (requires Flash) from 10:06:53 to 10:08:12.

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