Friday, July 08, 2016

Estonian Internet voting and turnout myths

There seems to be an idea that if we introduced Internet voting, turnout would jump, trending towards 100%.

Endlessly cited for the advantages of Internet voting is Estonia.
It's very Canadian to always assume some other country's system must be better.
But the reality is that after offering Internet voting for national elections starting in 2007, Estonia had lower turnout in 2015 than Canada.

I'll say that again for emphasis

After almost a decade of offering Internet voting, Estonia had a lower turnout in its 2015 Parliamentary election than Canada did.

2011 Turnout 2015 Turnout
Canada 61.1% 68.3%
Estonia 63.5% 64.2%
Note: In order to ensure the numbers are roughly comparable, I am comparing only Parliamentary elections.

Data are from
In addition to this, an independent analysis of Estonian e-voting indicated that
July 6, 2016  evidence about online voting (particularly turnout)

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