Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The summary of the Canadian electronic voting situation is that although it hasn't happened yet at the Federal level, despite a worrying quote from Don Boudria,
there have been various instances at the municipal level, and the municipal politicians seem to like it a lot.

Also you may recall recently the political parties have tried electronic means of voting during their party conventions, with varying degrees of disaster.

As far as I know, the municipal electronic voting is not following any national, provincial, or local standards.

The one that got the most press was Markham, as it was not only electronic, but actually Internet based.

Broadband Magazine, Markham site, Slashdot story
IT Business.ca story
some tech details on the Markham vote
Technology in Government article

It seems that CANARIE and Industry Canada are encouraging electronic voting.

City of Coquitlam
Industry Canada Smart Communities

The most worrying report I have seen so far is New Brunswick's chief electoral officer is reviewing the possibility of using electronic voting machines on a wide basis.

UPDATE 2004-09-12: Ontario is now also looking at electronic and Internet voting.

UPDATE 2004-11-13: You can also check out (and contribute to) the summary that I am building at Wikipedia - Electronic voting in Canada.

The rest of this site will give you an overview of the worldwide situation.
In the US, e-voting has raised huge issues.
In Ireland, it was so controversial that it ended up being scrapped completely.

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