Friday, September 17, 2004

e-voting fiction

The Mezonic Agenda takes an interesting tack on the e-voting issue: it presents a fictional story about the nightmare scenario of an e-voting company deliberately trying to provide fraudulent results for the US election.

Now personally, I am inclined to avoid conspiracy theories.
I think there are some fundamental problems with e-voting that simply can't be fixed no matter how good the technology is,
plus which, the actual implementations of the existing technology are farcically bad, showing a complete lack of interest or complete incompetence when it comes to security, testing, design and so forth.

O'Reilly has an article Behind the Scenes at The Mezonic Agenda: An Electronic Voting Primer

and the book website is

I just got my copy of that Mezonic Agenda book that you mentioned and I can't put it down!!! This is some scary stuff! I think this really could happen...
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