Saturday, November 13, 2004

Saint John, New Brunswick e-voting

Government of New Brunswick (www.gnb.ca) - Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
Vote Tabulation Machine Use in the City of Saint John

Why are Tabulation Machines being used in Saint John?

For the 2004 Municipal Elections, it was decided to use Vote Tabulation machines in The City of Saint John. The city does not have a ward system, so electors are confronted with a long ballot where they may select 1 candidate for mayor and up to 10 candidates for councillor, normally from a list of over 25 candidates. In addition, electors receive ballots for District Education Council and Regional Health Authority Elections.

The time required to sort, count, and return this large number of ballots (sometimes over 1000 ballots per poll) results in delayed results reporting, the possibility of counting errors being made, and forces the election officials to work a very long day at the polling station.

What is a Vote Tabulator Machine?

A vote tabulator is a digital optical scan machine that reads and records how ballots are marked and produces election results. This is the same technology used in grocery stores.

Also has both Windows Media and QuickTime videos of using the machines.
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