Tuesday, October 26, 2010

legal perspective on e-voting

A couple good articles popped up yesterday:

* Electronic Voting and the Law: It’s Not Like E-Banking by John Gregory in Slaw ("Slaw is a cooperative Canadian weblog on all things legal")

Includes a nice section dismantling the "if we can bank electronically why not vote electronically" idea, including

Banking: If someone has tampered with bank records (or the system malfunctions), the participants can restore balance by transferring money to where it belongs. The legal system allocates loss according to negligence, or by statute, among innocent parties if the rogue can’t be found.
Voting: If someone has tampered with the election results (or the system malfunctions), it is very difficult to restore normality without running the election again, even if one can find the rogue. The rogue is never able to restore things to where they should be.

* Editorial: Time to consider municipal election reform by Glenn Kauth in Law Times

Takes on the "electronic voting will help voter turnout" myth.

previous elections have shown that few people actually decide to cast a ballot. So finding new ways to get them out to the polls seems like a good idea.

But in Calgary, we’ve already seen what it takes: an exciting election with inspiring candidates.

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